Custom Order for J.C.3
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Dear J.C.,

  Thank you so much for adding to your order!  This portion of your order includes:


2 - Custom Blend Powders (made specifically for your purposes, as we discussed).   $25 @  =  $50

1 - Chinese Wash  $20

1 -  bottle of Pompa Gira Oil     $18

2 - bottles of Heat Oil     $18@  =  $36

1  - bottle of Lights Out Oil    $18

1  - bottle of You Can't See Me Oil     $18
  Your merchandise total for this portion of your order is $160.  This does not include shipping or insurance.

  I am not going to charge you shipping on this right now - there will be an additional shipping fee, but I will wait until your entire order is prepared, packaged and weighed, and we know what your shipping/insurance/speed options are.  Once you have decided upon your best option, I will let you know what the additional amount will be. 


Wishing you every good thing,



  • Item #: CUST-JC3

Custom Order for J.C.3

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