Ancestor Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals
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Hoodoo Roots ANCESTOR Spiritual Supplies were created to help those who wish to establish or to strengthen their relationships with their ancestors, guides, and loved ones in spirit.


Ancestor Pure Spiritual Bath is a beautiful formula designed for those who wish to connect with, re-connect with, and deepen their relationships with their ancestors. 

This beautiful bath may be used to sprinkle a cloth or the general area of any ancestor altar you may have.  It is designed to please those in spirit and to enhance for you the experience of praying for and remembering those who have passed on.  It may be bathed in prayerfully when preparing to conduct any ritual involving your kin in spirit.  It may be sprinkled or misted about, as a subtle fragrance during periods of prayer for the Dead.  It may be diluted in water and misted into any environment to help to bring an increased sense of contact with those who love you who are on the other side.  If you have an ancestor altar or keep a traditional boveda, this formula will serve you in good stead!

The herbs, flowers, roots and essences used in this formula are very pure and fine.  All have long been recognized as having a role in spirit communication.  I have added some beautiful protective herbs to ensure that what comes through is good and good for you.

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


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Ancestor Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals

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