Attraction Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals
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ATTRACTION products designed to help you to magnetically attract all of the good things that you want, need, and desire.

Is your goal financial abundance? Do you wish to be lucky in love?
Would you like to secure a specific item, or a certain lucky opportunity?
Let this all-natural, deliciously scented Attraction Oil go to work, to help you to
get more of what you desire!

Here is what one of my wonderful customers had to say about this fine formula:

"Dara is absolutely unparalleled in her work! I could not be happier with my purchases from her. Will definitely purchase again. Seriously, she's the best!
So. Attraction oil. I gotta be honest, getting everything you want is sorta overwhelming. Holding the bottle makes it so easy and to set clear, grounded intentions, and I kinda wasn't ready for it! Literally. Before I even had space for the new things they were coming in and suddenly I had to make space! I wouldn't necessarily say, "Be careful what you wish for", I'd say, "Make sure you are ready!" It delivers!"

This bath combines magically potent, organic botanicals with the purest of essential oils and absolutes, stirred into a base of marvelously silkening, nourishing Dead Sea Salt.  A wonderful bath which provides enough for 2 full-immersion baths, or one full-immersion bath and many spot baths! 

Use all of my Attraction products together in order to experience the very most benefit:  this wonderful Attraction Spiritual Bath, Attraction Spiritual Oil, Attraction Spiritual Sachet Powder!  Custom-made Attraction Mojo Bags, custom blessed and dressed Attraction candles, and gorgeous Attraction Pure Spiritual Mist are also available!

May all good things come to you!

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


IMPORTANT:  Please understand that our products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences.  While we formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and are confident that you will enjoy your purchase, we cannot guarantee specific magical results, as there are simply too many situational variables.

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Attraction Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals

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