Balm of Gilead


This is one of my very favorite formulas. I am continuously impressed with the power of this beautiful oil to soothe, heal, and transform troubled minds and relationships. This formula is a complex creation which takes a full month to reach maturity. I hope that you will love this as much as I do!

Anoint pale blue or white candles, with the intention of healing and peace.

Add to candles burned for troubled relationships, with a prayer for healing and peace.

Anoint yourself with intention, brush a drop into your hair with intention, add a few drops to your bath with intention, add a few drops to your laundry rinse water.

May you use this beautiful formula in happiness and good health!

1/2 ounce (15 ml)


IMPORTANT: Please understand that my products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. I formulate with knowledge and love and am confident you will enjoy your purchase, but specific magical outcomes cannot be guaranteed by any purveyor of spiritual supplies.

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