Bend Over Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder
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end Over is a traditional Hoodoo formula designed to control another's inappropriate or unpleasant behavior.   It is best used in circumstances wherein another adult is misbehaving, being rude, or in some other way consistently not behaving with civility and courtesy.

I do not advise that this formula be used to control rambunctious children, who respond more to calming, gentling formulas, and who may not flourish under the strong dominating vibration of our Bend Over. 

Bend Over is strong, strict, and potent.  The fragrance of my Bend Over is very fine and delicate, while it's effect is anything but!  The mild, pleasant scent allows you to use this oil without announcing to the world at large just what you are up to.

Has someone you must deal with fallen into a routine pattern of disrespect and rudeness?  Are you involved in some conflict wherein the other vexes or can harm you via their non-compliance?  Do you need to establish dominance over such an individual? 

Hoodoo Roots brand Bend Over is just the ticket!

Dust a little Bend Over on your hand, then touch the person whose behavior needs amending, holding your intention firmly in mind as you do so.  Add to purple or orange candles.  Carefully, with a focused yet light touch, apply to paperwork they must handle.  Add to any object, like doorknobs, that they will touch.  Lightly blow a bit into their environment with intention!

Bend Over can also be used to ensure you get your way in less extreme circumstances.  However, because it is such a strong and dominating formula, I advise limiting it's use to those situations where such measures are truly called for.  That said, I believe that Bend Over belongs in everyone's formula cupboard!


1/2 ounce (15 ml.)

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Bend Over Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder

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