Blessed 7-Day Candles

Blessed and dressed 7-day candles are prepared and shipped to you.  Available for every Hoodoo Roots formula!  I prepare every candle with the corresponding Hoodoo Roots condition oil and magically potent herbs. Your candle is prayed over as this is being done.  Every candle is beautifully labelled. 


PLEASE NOTE:  These candles are glass-encased and quite heavy.  If you wish to purchase multiple candles to be shipped to an address within the United States, we suggest that you call us and pay by phone, so that we can offer you the best combined shipping rate. We are in California, and are available to take calls between 11 AM-9 PM Pacific, Monday through Saturday.  Our number there is 805-688-7766.  PLEASE take any difference in time zones into consideration when you call. 


Light your candle with focus, concentration, and visualization.  These candles will burn for approximately 4-5 days if burned continuously.

I also offer a candle burning service for those who are unable to burn candles at home, or those who wish to have a light set for them by an experienced worker as a boost to their own workings.  If you prefer to have your candle prepared and burned here, please view our Vigil Light Service offering:



International customers please note:


7-Day candles are large, heavy, and glass-encased.  They require a large padded box to ship safely.  I can ship these internationally, but it is costly to do so.  One alternative is to have me burn these here for you - that is offered under "Services" here:

If you still wish me to ship these candles to your international destination, please contact me at  Just let me know how many candles you would like to purchase, and I will respond with a shipping quote.   Thank you kindly!


Never leave burning candles unattended.  Burn in a fire-safe area, away from drafts, flammable curtains and other items.  Be aware of your children and pets and keep them safe whenever candles are being burned.  Nestling the base of the candle down into a pan or pot with a few inches of sand increases candle stability and fire safety.  Protect furniture from the base of the candle, which can become very hot as the candle burns down.



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