Chinese Wash
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Hoodoo Roots Traditional Chinese Wash is a very pure, light, wonderfully effective liquid cleanser for the home and workplace. The purest natural essences of fine Oriental grasses, barks, fragrant gums and resins in this formula remove both physical dirt and spiritual detritus, resulting in pure cleanliness on multiple levels!

Here, feedback about our Chinese Wash from one of our wonderful customers:

"Such a beautiful and brightening formula! Fantastic! It is a lovely design on the bottle and the pump makes it super easy to use. I used this to clean the other day, and it was such an experience! It left things feeling not only cleansed physically and spiritually, but it also felt beyond clean, as if it drew in a very "happy peaceful home" vibration that felt so good! Excellent, powerful, magical and beautiful! I plan on using this whenever I clean!"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

You receive 8 ounces of my marvelous Chinese Wash - enough to last most for a good long while! Redolent of lemongrass, lemon, cinnamon bark, sassafrass root, and pure camphor from the tree as well as other aromatic and magically significant botanicals. The scent is beautifully clean, naturally fragrant, and very pure!

Clean away that unwholesome mess! Chase Away the Devils of Discontent! Draw Luck and Joy! Purify and Protect your loved ones! I have formulated this not just to clean and clear away physical dirt and spiritual cobwebs, but also to draw luck, prosperity and happiness to your home! Life is much smoother and more enjoyable when your home is kept Spiritually Clean!

Uplift your Home with pure, Fragrant Chinese Wash!

HoodooRoots brand Chinese Wash may be used on virtually all sealed hard surfaces (though I always suggest you test first if in doubt). Add a pump to your regular soapy household scrub water or add up to 1/4 bottle per gallon of plain warm water.  
Dilute properly, as this formula is very rich in essential oils.

8 oz./240 ml with convenient pump dispenser.


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Chinese Wash

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