Cool Down Pure Spiritual Mist
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Cool Down Oil - Cooling Relief for Incendiary Firecrackers!

Spiritual Anger Management in a Deliciously Scented Pure Herbal Mist


Is someone around you very hot-tempered? Does he or she blow up routinely, taking no prisoners?

Must you constantly deal with hot-headed snapping and sniping?

Are you yourself an incendiary firecracker? Do you wish to bring your own temper just a little more under control?

Hoodoo Roots Cool Down Pure Spiritual Mist is formulated to address just such conditions!
Mist into any environment to help relax the energy, lower tempers and soothe tempers! Mist onto yourself to experience it's refreshing, sweet-cool vibration!

Cool Down's subtle, pleasing, fresh scent is suitable for both men and women.

May cooler heads prevail!

This Mist must be shipped by ground.  Cannot ship outside of the continental USA.


A full 8 ounces!  Long lasting!  Try refrigerating this mist for an even more intense sense of cool!


IMPORTANT: Please understand that Hoodoo Roots products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. While I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee specific magical results in every possible situation.

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Cool Down Pure Spiritual Mist

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