Deflect and Defend Spiritual Oil
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Deflect and Defend™ is a strong protection oil designed to deflect negative things thrown your way while establishing a strong defense.   Why put up with nonsense when you don't have to?

Use as a personal anointing oil whenever you feel the need to boost your spiritual, emotional and mental immunity so as to minimize the effects of the unkindness and bad behavior of others, as well as whenever you are feeling particularly vulnerable to life's natural ups and downs. 

Stir into water and mist into your environment whenever you feel the need for increased protection!  Anoint candles and add a drop or two to the molten wax pool!  Add to your bath!  Add to laundry rinse water!  A few drops may also be added to water used to clean household surfaces!

A most useful formula!

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


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Deflect and Defend Spiritual Oil

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