Dreaming Pure Spiritual  Mist
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This beautiful Mist incorporates tinctured botanicals long prized for their ability to encourage dreaming, along with sweet and lovely hydrosols and the purest of essential oils!

Mist onto yourself, your nightclothes, and into your bedroom before sleeping. 

While I do not feel that dream dictionaries offer much of true value, as most dream symbols are specific to your culture or to you as an individual, they serve a purpose in that they will fix your mind upon the subject of dreaming when read before retiring. 

I suggest that you tell yourself you will have a dream, and that you will remember it, before you fall asleep.  You can ask for help if you have an important decision to make, or if you are struggling to understand something.  The dream state is poorly understood by many, but it is a fluid environment in which significiant spiritual encounters can occur and in which important information can be conveyed.  Realize that you may have to repeat your desire to dream before you fall asleep over the course of several days, even a couple of weeks, but by doing these things you will be able to improve your dream experiences. 

Keep a journal or paper and pen by your bed and jot your dreams down immediately upon awakening when your recall is strongest.


External Use Only.  Flammable until dry - avoid misting onto lit candles.

8 oz. / 240 ml. bottle with fine mist sprayer.

This Mist must be shipped by ground, and can only be shipped within the continental United States.


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Dreaming Pure Spiritual Mist

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