Easy Street Spiritual Oil
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This fabulous Easy Street™ formula is a pleasure to wear!  This beautiful hoodoo oil is designed to help the user experience a more enjoyable, easy-going life.  Why push and strain all the time?  Why fuss and fret over every little thing?  Let Easy Street's delicious formula help draw to you beneficial circumstances and opportunities which will allow you to unwind and have some fun!  Easy Street™ helps to encourage a philosophical, humorous take on life, and helps the user to relax and smell the roses!  Life's too short to never take a break from the rat race!  Easy Street™ can help!

Wear as a pleasant, light personal fragrance!  Anoint candles - I suggest orange or gold - and put a drop or two into the molten wax pool!  Add to your bath, add to your laundry rinse water!  Mix with water and mist into your environment!  Dab a bit on your handkerchief and tuck into your bodice or pocket!  Put a tiny amount on travel itineraries and vacation tickets!
Go out and have yourself some fun!

A HoodooRoots original formula.  Accept no imitations!

1/2 ounce (15 ml)


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Easy Street Spiritual Oil

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