Fiery Wall of Protection Mist
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A fiercely protective Pure Spiritual Mist!  Mist around yourself and into your environment as part of your regular spiritual regimen, and whenever feeling the need for extra protection.  Contains tinctured botanicals prized for their protective natures and the purest of essential oils.  A potent protective formula with an earthy, spicy aroma!

Please note:  This formula is truly fiery, and care must be taken not to spray this onto your face or into your eyes, as the botanicals and essential oils are very hot.  I suggest misting this onto your clothing including socks and shoes, as well as into your environment, around your place of residence or work as part of a protective ritual.  You may mist this onto a protection altar as well, however, note that this Mist contains alcohol and is flammable until dry.


External Use Only.  Flammable until dry - avoid misting onto lit candles.

8 oz. / 240 ml. bottle with fine mist sprayer.

This Mist must be shipped by ground, and can only be shipped within the continental United States.


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Fiery Wall of Protection Mist

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