Flame of Desire Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals
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Light the Fire of Love!  Flame of Desire has been beautifully formulated to intensify physical and romantic desire.  Hot, sweet and tender, this all-natural perfumed magical oil is redolent of the deepest heart of rose, cardamom, and other pure botanicals, all long recognized as encouraging the flame of love. Use Fire of Love and throw gorgeous sparks in the dark!

A wonderful bath or sprinkle with a sexy, romantic, yet subtle fragrance to get yourself - and the one you're with - in the mood!
Add to your bath!  Add to laundry rinse water for your lingerie and bedding! Stir clockwise into water (I recommend holy water) and sprinkle with intention around any environment in which you wish to promote romance and intimacy!  Enough for two full-immersion or classic pour-over hoodoo baths, or one full bath plus several smaller spot baths! 


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Flame of Desire Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals

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