Flame of Desire Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder
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Light the Fire of Love!  Flame of Desire has been beautifully formulated to intensify physical and romantic desire.  Hot, sweet and tender, this all-natural perfumed magical oil is redolent of the deepest heart of rose, cardamom, and other pure botanicals, all long recognized as encouraging the flame of love. Use Fire of Love and throw gorgeous sparks in the dark!

This beautiful, finely milled spiritual sachet powder is made by me of the finest organic botanicals and the purest of essential oils, ottos, and absolutes.  A wonderful powder!

Wear as a subtle personal fragrance to get yourself - and the one you're with - in the mood!  Simply dust it onto yourself in an upwards motion, with intention.  Dust onto your sheets and lingerie, etc.!  Cup in both hands, focus and say a prayer for your desire, then blow towards the direction of the one you desire.  Cup in both hands, visualize and focus, and blow to all four directions with a prayer for your wish!
After anointing candles (I suggest romantic deep pink, radiant red, and come-here-to-me orange!) with Flame of Desire oil, gently blow a little of the powder onto each candle.  This gives a very beautiful, very old-school-conjure finish, and adds to the vibration very nicely.

Why struggle with those messy little unsealed envelopes hoodoo powder is so often sold in?  Hoodoo Roots powders are sold in charming vintage-style paper shakers for your convenience! 


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Flame of Desire Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder

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