Friendly Separation Mojo Bags
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Breaking up is hard to do!  Would you like to be able to end your relationship with a minimum of trauma, drama, fussing and fighting?  Would you prefer your split to be mutually agreeable, mutually respectful, and as painless as possible?

Our Friendly Separation™ Mojo Bag is designed to support just such a goal.   Whether you are ending a marriage, splitting from your boyfriend or girlfriend, or terminating a business relationship, Friendly Separation can help.  This bag was created to help the user to experience an amicable divorce, a gentle good-bye, and an easy transition to a new single state.  This formula is designed to strengthen determination and control vacillation so that you can move forward without taking three steps back.  Without encouraging reconciliation, relations are moderated, calmed, and slightly sweetened.  The result is an easier, and quicker, resolution.

Determine to do your part in encouraging respectful, cordial, yet distinctly separate relations. 

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


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Friendly Separation Mojo Bags

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