Hear Spirit Mojo Bags
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All of my mojo bags are hand-made with focus and intention specifically for you.  Bags are never prepared beforehand, only when I know exactly what your specific needs are.  Your bag is made just for you.  Do not let others view or handle it.  About once a month, refresh your bag by taking a mouthful of whiskey or rum, focusing intently, and spraying the alcohol onto the bag from your mouth.  I also advise turning the bag in tobacco smoke once a month, while strongly visualizing and softly yet firmly stating the purpose or mission of the bag.  Keep the bag close by you, wearing it in a pocket or under your clothing.  Women may pin it into their bra.  In some cases it is ok to carry it in your purse, but I prefer a closer contact.  The mojo bag is a type of living spirit object and should be guarded and treated with care.  Do not wash your bag or allow it to become soaked.  Do not open it to add items.  It encloses a tiny world which is dedicated to your purposes.  If the flannel bag becomes too worn, contact me.  For a small fee, I will send you a second red flannel bag, into which you should place your entire original mojo bag, worn flannel and all.  This will extend the life of your mojo.

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Hear Spirit Mojo Bags

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