Love Me Pure Spiritual Mist
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Love Me Pure Spiritual Mist is a love spell in a bottle!   My traditional Love Me recipe has been married to fine floral hydrosols, additional essential oils and absolutes, and tinctured magical botanicals, gathered at the peak of power from my own fragrant garden.

Mist this beautiful formula onto yourself and your clothing, into your environment, or in your ritual space to encourage and enhance all romantic feelings and to set the mood for love.  Useful for anyone wishing to increase tenderness, desire and commitment!

Mist into your bedroom, and into any area where you might encounter the one you love - or wherever you may be, if you wish to meet someone new!  Mist onto bed linens, lingerie, etc.  Brush into your hair! 

Be happy, for happiness charms and draws. May your heart's desire come to you!

All pure, all natural, no artificial colors or dyes, no factory-born aroma chemicals! Pure as can be!

Long-lasting 8 ounce bottle with fine mist sprayer.

EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Flammable until dry - avoid misting onto lit candles.

This Mist must be shipped by ground, and can only be shipped within the continental United States.

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Love Me Pure Spiritual Mist

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