Oshun 7-Day Candle
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A beautiful tribute to beautiful Oshun!  Honor and appeal to her for her blessings of love, beauty, and luxury!

This lovely candle is anointed with the finest of essential oils and absolutes, along with herbs, roots, flowers, honey, and sparkling glitter.  A really beautiful vigil light!

As always, light this candle with a focused heart and mind.  As it burns, continue to speak from your heart, maintain focus, and show gratitude for all that is good in your life!



International customers please note:

7-Day candles are large, heavy, and glass-encased.  They require a large padded box to ship safely.  I can ship these internationally, but it is costly to do so.  One alternative is to have me burn these here for you - that is offered under "Services" here: 


If you still wish me to ship these candles to your international destination, please contact me at info@hoodooroots.com.  Just let me know how many candles you would like to purchase, and I will respond with a shipping quote.  Thank you kindly!

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Oshun 7-Day Candle

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