Peace Water Spiritual Mist
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Made with the purest of organic hydrosols, organic essential oils and ottos.  Very fine!

Hoodoo Roots Double-Layer, Double-Strength Peace Water is a lovely formula, offering a traditional magical approach to calming turbulent environments. Based upon the principle that oil cast upon troubled waters calms, my Genuine Old-Fashioned Peace Water contains two liquids, one watery, and one a fine, light oil. The beautiful blue color in and of itself encourages restfulness and peace! Peace Water has a calming, gentle, tender, clean, appealing and natural scent.

Do you know where the belief that oil cast upon troubled waters will bring calmness began? This is an ancient maritime custom! Sailors long ago would throw oil upon agitated seas to minimize the stinging spray and to calm the waves. The oil would spread in a very, very thin, fine fashion and would indeed calm the seas! My Peace Water takes a page from this old custom, combining a watery layer with a fine, very light layer of oil. Once sprayed, this disperses very finely, calming and gentling upsets and strain.

To use, shake well until the layers are blended, then mist into any environment as you concentrate upon and visualize peace. I suggest that you voice a prayer as you do so, perhaps the beautiful 23rd Psalm. Do not focus on disturbances, but rather upon peace, amity, goodwill, and loving kindness as you mist.

While this product is safe for most surfaces, I suggest that you test delicate finishes discretely before spraying, as the indigo color may stain. Hard surfaces should be fine, but do test delicate fabrics and wallpapers before wholehearted spraying. Use lightly and with a judicious touch; this product contains organic fractionated coconut oil.

Test before walking on smooth, slick sprayed surfaces, especially tile and hardwood. The oil in this formula can make these a little slippery. Use a light touch. I find that this is a minor issue which is more than offset by the peace-bringing benefits of this formula, but please be careful. I spray, then test potentially slick surfaces prior to walking on them, as a safety measure. I advise you to do the same.

240 ml / 8 oz


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Peace Water Spiritual Mist

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