Pour Les Hommes Love Bath
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Pour les Hommes is a wonderful, warm, deep and spicy Spiritual/Magical bath, designed to draw, encourage, and support positive and loving relationships amongst gay men. I made this formula in response to repeat requests for a sexy, lovely hoodoo formula geared towards gay relationships. I think this is a wonderful oil, and am pleased and happy to offer it here!

Use with intention and focus in order to receive the most benefit.

My Pour les Hommes formula is available as an Oil, Powder, Bath, Customized Mojo Bag, and Blessed, Dressed 7-Day Candle.

This Pour les Hommes Bath may be used for 1-2 full immersion baths, for 2 or more traditional Hoodoo-style pour-over-the-head baths, or for several more spot baths (with intention, stir a small amount of the crystals into a small bowl of warm water.  Apply to your body in an upwards motion).  A drawstring muslin bag is included with your bag.  You may use this to reduce herbal residue in your tub, or not, as you prefer.

100% natural. No artificial fragrances, ever.


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Pour Les Hommes Love Bath

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