Pour Les Hommes Powder
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Pour les Hommes is a wonderful, warm, deep and spicy hoodoo formula, designed to draw, encourage, and support positive and loving relationships amongst gay men. I made this formula in response to repeat requests for a sexy, lovely hoodoo formula geared towards gay relationships. I think this is a wonderful formula, and am pleased and happy to offer it here!

My Pour les Hommes formula is available as an Oil, Powder, Bath, 7-Day Blessed Candle, and Mojo Bag.

100% natural. No artificial fragrances, ever.

All of my powders are conveniently packaged in charming, vintage-style paper shakers. Weight varies as each formula is different, but you receive a very generous amount. These shakers are 5" tall and are filled to the brim, though contents may settle during shipping.

100% natural. No artificial fragrances, ever.


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Pour Les Hommes Powder

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