Pure Love 7-Day Candle
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     A beautiful blessed & dressed Pure Love 7-Day Candle.  This will burn for approximately 4-5 days. 


  Pure Love is a sweet and loving balm for the spirit!  Burn to support and encourage pure love, deep acceptance, tenderness, and understanding.    Wonderful for all types of relationships.  Tenderly helpful for those recovering from heartbreak, loss, and grief. 

     The name says it all!   Use Hoodoo Roots brand Pure Love Traditional Spiritual Supplies for joy and for tenderness, to cherish and to hold,and to bring in the blessing of pure love.

     This is not a sexual formula per se, but rather a formula which can help to transform any relationship by encouraging the blessing of deep acceptance, love, understanding, and true tenderness.

     Pure Love can be used with equally good effect in situations involving friends and family, as well as for those with whom you are romantically involved.

     Finally, Pure Love is such a sweet and loving balm to the spirit that it can be used to help those who are heartbroken, grieving, or suffering from unrequited love to recover.



International customers please note:


7-Day candles are large, heavy, and glass-encased.  They require a large padded box to ship safely.  I can ship these internationally, but it is costly to do so.  One alternative is to have me burn these here for you - that is offered under "Services" here: 




If you still wish me to ship these candles to your international destination, please contact me at info@hoodooroots.com.  Just let me know how many candles you would like to purchase, and I will respond with a shipping quote.  Thank you kindly!



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Pure Love 7-Day Candle

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