Spiritual Cleansing Mist
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I am so pleased to offer this formula, my own family's traditional recipe, to you!   It is a pure, beautiful, enlivening, purifying Mist which clears, enlightens and cleanses par excellence! 

Contains tinctured magically potent botanicals, luminous hydrosols, and the purest of organic essential oils!  An exceptionally fine, fragrant, very clean formula. 

Sends all sorts of spiritual muck, detritus, and cobwebs packing!  Throw open the windows with Hoodoo Roots Spiritual Cleansing Mist, and let the sun shine in!

Hoodoo Roots Spiritual Cleansing Purifying Mist delivers a pure, exhilarating breath of fresh air! Clean, fragrant and lovely!

Throw open the windows and let the sun shine in!
Pure as can be! 

Mist this beautiful botanical formula onto yourself for an instant, bright and fragrant uplift! 
Mist into any environment for a marvelously clean and fragrant uplift as well!

Made with the loveliest of organic essential oils, tinctured magical roots and herbs gathered from our own garden and the clean, wild hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and amazing herbal hydrosols. 100% Natural, Pure and Uplifting!

A HoodooRoots original - Accept no imitations!

240 ml / 8 fl oz  - long lasting!


I do not test my products on animals.  Some animals are extremely sensitive to essential oils.  Please do not use any of my formulas on your pets.

© Hoodoo Roots®, HoodooRoots® and HoodooRoots.com 

External Use Only.  Flammable until dry - avoid misting onto lit candles.

8 oz. / 240 ml. bottle with fine mist sprayer.

This Mist must be shipped by ground, and can only be shipped within the continental United States.


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Spiritual Cleansing Mist

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