Van-Van Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals
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Hoodoo Roots brand VAN-VAN Spiritual Bath Crystals draw Luck, Love, and Money as they cleanse and purifiy with their lovely, lemon-y scent! VAN-VAN truly is "the fragrant soul of New Orleans"!

I searched high and low to find the sweetest and purest organic essential oils for this formula, from harvests around the world. I truly believe this to be the finest and most appealing Van-Van I have ever experienced, and I am confident that you will feel that way too!

This bath is luxurious, but it is so much more than a spa treatment! Taking this bath is, in fact, a magical process specifically designed to help to remove negativity, to lift your spirits, and to help to change conditions, so that good luck, good things, and good experiences are attracted to you!  May luck and sunshine follow you!

This is one of my Spiritual Bath Crystal formulas, all of which are formulated with the highest possible quality of Dead Sea salts from the Holy Land. I truly believe that these ancient, densely mineral-rich salts make a qualitative difference. To these luxurious salts, I add a profoundly effective combination of spiritually active botanicals - organic roots, herbs, flowers, barks, and seeds which I have very finely ground - along with a beautiful combination of organic botanical essences and organic jojoba.

This bath is packaged in a beautiful pearlized paper envelope. It contains enough for 1-2 spiritual baths, or enough for one bath and several spiritual treatments, described below.

I personally like to reserve a small amount of the crystals for use throughout the week, following my full spiritual bath. To use these crystals in this way, add a small amount to a bowl of warm water, then use to wash your face, the crown of your head, the nape of your neck, your upper back and shoulders, arms, hands, and chest to the heart area. Using Hoodoo Roots Spiritual Bath Crystals in this fashion can be very effective, enabling you to very quickly emphasize the benefits received on a daily basis.

Van-Van Spiritual Bath Crystals may also be stirred into water and misted into your home or the workplace. You may add a spoonful of the Crystals into the rinse water when you launder your clothing! Add to scrub water used to clean the floor and hard surfaces of your home and work environment. You and your loved ones will feel the difference!

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IMPORTANT: Please understand that HoodooRoots products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. While I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee specific magical results in every possible situation.

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Van-Van Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals

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