Vigil Light Service
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I offer a Vigil Light Service for those who are unable to  burn candles at home, as well as for those who would appreciate having a spiritual worker set a light for them as an adjunct  to the work they do themselves. 

The fee for this service is $30.00. This includes the personalization of your candle with your name and a petition paper describing your needs. I will dress this candle  for you with the appropriate condition oils and herbs, pray over it,  and set it for you. Each glass-encased candle burns for  several days.

Please include a note with your order, indicating which candle you are purchasing.  I offer one for every one of my formulas, and will customize it to your needs.

If you request this at the outset, I will  prepare a report for you and email it to you.  Please note that I do not have a staff of people to whom I relegate the creation of my products!  Every single item I sell is personally, ritually, and lovingly made by me.  If more than two weeks have passed since you ordered your candle, please drop me a line at  I will be sure to respond with your candle report.

If you have further questions, Please contact us at

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Vigil Light Service

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