Wealthy Way Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals
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Wealthy Way is one of my all-time favorite financial formulas.  I have developed this recipe over the past 40 years, making sure that it hits all the right notes, testing and paying attention to results!  I truly love the strong financially magnetic property and road-opening vibe of this fabulous formula.  You will, too!

Stir the crystals into your bath water and bathe upwards (fingertips to shoulders, toes to head) while focusing on your intention of increased finances!  Stir into water (I like holy water) and sprinkle or mist into any environment!  Add to your laundry rinse water!  Add to the household scrub water when cleaning your home and place of business!

This is a wonderful formula to use when working on long-term goals of wealth-building, portfolio building, investing, etc.

My goal has always been to offer you the very purest and finest of Traditional Spiritual Supplies.  Hoodoo Roots:  because Authenticity Matters!

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


IMPORTANT: Please understand that my products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. While I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, no purveyer of spiritual supplies can guarantee your specific magical results, as there are simply too many situational variables.

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Wealthy Way Spiritual Bath & Washing Crystals

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