White Bath Spiritual Bath
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White Bath™ is my original formula.   This beautiful bath is very comforting, pure, and tender.
It is designed to bring healing, blessings, and a profound sense of peace and wellness to the user.  Mends psychic bruises and scratches.  Renews and spiritually revives.  Helps one to connect with that which is loving and good.

This opulent, full cream bath contains the most beautiful rose absolute I have been able to source, out of many fine harvests around the world.  It is healing and spiritually uplifting.

You may take this as a luxurious full-immersion bath, or you may take this bath in the old-fashioned way, by standing in a tub and pouring it over yourself, with prayers and intention.  Draw the water upwards on your body as you feel an increase in peace and wellness blessing you.

You may also reserve some of the bath to use in between your normal bathing schedule.  To use in this fashion, stir a small amount into a basin of warm water.  Wash your face, the nape of your neck, your upper back and shoulders, your neck, chest and heart area, and your arms and hands.  Use a tiny amount to wet the crown of your head.  You will feel a sense of peace.  This process is not time-consuming, but I have found it to provide a noticeable positive uptick in energy, vitality, and in one's sense of being upheld, protected, loved, and at peace.  I believe that you too will feel yourself uplifted and blessed.

Packaged in a beautiful pearl-silver paper envelope.

PLEASE NOTE:   These are beautifully made, very high quality spiritual TOOLS.  You will always achieve the best result when you combine Hoodoo Roots magical products with your own intention, ritual attention, focus, determination and heart.  Take your time when using these products.  Do not rush, and think about what you are doing.  Visualize your desired results.  Open your heart in gratitude for all the good you've received, and more will follow.



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White Bath Spiritual Bath

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