Wishing Pure Spiritual Mist
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Hoodoo Roots Wishing Mist provides a wonderful, energetic boost to all of your positive magical workings, wishes and dreams! Wear as a beautiful and magical fragrance! Mist into any environment as you focus with intention upon your desires! Mist onto your altar cloth and ritual tools! Experience for yourself the lift, power, and joyous energy of our Wishing Mist!

Wishing Mist is all-natural, as are all of our oils, powders, baths and mists. We carefully formulate using luminous organic hydrosols, the finest organic essential oils, ottos, attars and absolutes. To these we add our very own botanical tinctures, prepared by hand from flowers, leaves, and roots gathered from our organically cultivated garden, conscientiously wild-crafted from the purest of areas, or acquired from fine organic sources. Every formula is prayerfully prepared with your highest good in mind. We are confident that you will find our Wishing Mist to be absolutely wonderful!

Please note that this Wishing Mist includes organic cinnamon bark essence, which has the potential to irritate skin. Although we personally use it as an all-over fragrant mist, we advise you to be safe and to mist it onto your clothing (test delicate fabrics first) rather than directly onto your skin, just in case.

PLEASE NOTE: This Hoodoo Roots Mist is formulated with alcohol, and therefore must be sent via ground shipping.  Because of restrictions on air transport of alcohol, this can only be sent to locations within the continental United States.

240 ml / 8 oz


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Wishing Pure Spiritual Mist

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